How to care for temporary synthetic dreadlocks?

Dreadlocks need to be washed once a week with diluted soapy water and preferably only the roots.

To wash dreads, buy only shampoos without silicones. The use of air conditioners, balms, masks for hair for the period of wearing dreads is excluded.

This hairdress can be dried with a hairdryer.

We also do not exclude the fact that after braiding you may have a slight itch and redness in the weaving of the dreadlocks. This is due to the fact that your scalp gets used to the new condition for it. The most important thing is not to scratch itchy places! To relieve the itching, we recommend that we treat the area of the weave (the scalp near the roots) with chlorhexidine and chamomile broth.

Typically, the adaptation period lasts about 3 – 4 days.

After a few months, a correction is made (interlacing braids in connection with the growth of the roots)

Over time, weaving (eight) DE dreads begins to come in a not very neat appearance. It is best to do one correction at 1.5 months, the deadline is 2.5 months. If you ignore this recommendation and contact the master after 3 months of wearing, then your braiding will smoothly stray into the natural dreadlocks. After this, the weave will be practically as for a natural dreadlocks. This is painful and much longer.

We also do correction of all the blanks in one day.

Why are they called safe (temporary)?

This kind of dreads does not do any harm to your hair, the blanks (DE dreads themselves) are interwoven with the special technique of the “eight” (the principle of weaving a regular braid, 2 strands are taken and one end is braided).